• Toni Rozzi

Best Apps EVER!!!

Endless Reader, by Originator, is an application for Apple and Android that follows up their previous app, Endless Alphabet. Endless Reader has been around for quite some time, it won Apple’s Best of 2013 Award, but we have yet to find anything created more recently that compares.

The adorable Endless monsters help children learn their sight words. This app introduces the most commonly used words in school, library, and children’s books. Each word becomes a puzzle where the child has to place the letters correctly. This is done using a self-correcting technique, where there is an outline of the letters correctly forming the word. If the child places a letter in an incorrect place, the letter won’t stay!

When a child touches a letter, it wiggles and jiggles and says it's phonetic sound. After the puzzle is completed, an Endless monster will help demonstrate the context and meaning of the word in a sentence. The words also come alive and depict their definition, so ‘d o g’ looks and sounds like a barking dog. This app is highly recommended for your beginning reader or learner with Dyslexia!

Originator has six apps in the Endless series and we love them all! Endless Alphabet sets the stage for Endless Reader, while Endless Wordplay allows for spelling, word building and rhymes. Endless Numbers tackles early numeracy, Endless Learning Academy is an early learning comprehensive, and Endless Spanish introduces the Spanish language and rounds out the series. Originator has also released MathTango which combines addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with monsters and robots, missions and worlds.

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