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Children's Books for Anxious and Nervous Littles

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine, by Julia Cook, is a great book for all ages. When Wilma Jean worries she makes a pickle face, and she worries a lot! She often gets caught up in asking 'what if?'' questions in her mind. "What if... I get picked last in P.E.?" "What if the kids make fun of my hair?"

Wilma Jean's mom makes some calls and they have a very special meeting with her teacher. Wilma Jean's teacher helps her figure out the worries she can control and the worries she can't control.

You can do the same activity that Wilma Jean's teacher did in the book, or you can download our FREEBIE! Either way, understanding the areas they can have control over eases some stress for littles.

hey WARRIOR, by Karen Young, explains anxiety in child friendly terms. In this beautifully illustrated book, Young addresses some scientific aspects of anxiety, like where it occurs in the brain, as well as how it can feel for different people.

Young encourages the reader to name the warrior in their brain and to become familiar with it. She speaks about anxiety as a protector who tries to keep you safe, and encourages you to make friends with it.

While this book is vocabulary heavy, it is still great as a read aloud for younger children. There are great strategies included in the book to help your child handle their anxiety as well as a checklist of strengths you can fill out with your little to help them understand how their anxiety makes them even more amazing!

When Worry Takes Hold, by Liz Haske, revolves around a little girl, Maya, and the worry that snuck into her mind.

Her worry grows bigger and bigger until she can't handle much else. You can join Maya as she finds her courage and breaks free from her worry!

This is a great read for littles experiencing a lot of worry. The illustrations use of darkness and light help to portray the feelings and emotions that accompany anxiety.

My Magic Breath is a fantastic read aloud book. You and your little can carry out the actions suggested as you read to find calm.

Nick Ortner and Alison Taylor have created an amazing resource with this gem. The concrete directions of breathing in and breathing out while processing different emotions is so helpful for our littles' regulation.

This book is great for our youngest littles and has the makings for a repeat favorite. Great option as a bedtime read since the breathing will help calm your little and have them ready to drift off to sleep!

Allison Edwards, author of Why Smart Kids Worry, has penned this read aloud for children. Worry Says What? is all about quieting that voice in your head that tells you you can't do something.

Edwards wants children with anxiety to realize they are not alone and that they have the power to silence their fears and flip their thinking. She also includes 3 empowerment tips on the back!

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